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Fun Stuff

Anything that doesn't fit in any other category. Such things like pictures, drawings other images. Perhaps, a day on an install. This kind of information would be great and fun to build on. A few pics telling a story of how a some folks got together and made a node happen. Also fun pics (I've added a couple) that do not fit under any other category. Another example is a section, albeit a bit messy right now, called 'WAN Visions'. This kind of thing isn't too serious. It's meant as a starting point for potential uses of the wan. For example, wan radio (e.g. scheduled podcasting) is something that doesn't exist but could easily exist if enough people were interested. These may be the wan services of the future! Who knows?

I think these topics cover most areas. Some of the names I've used could be changed to be more wan-like. Perhaps Wanstuff instead of services? Docuwan instead of documents? Wun instead of fun :lol:? Any suggestions are welcome. It is a wiki afterall so it can be turned back or editted easily if anyone disagrees with the way it's been set it up.

Finally, I am putting forward the following roadmap proposal for for discussion. I think another meeting and some brainstorming could bring about some interesting idea. (Meeting Dates need to be finalised - see "meeting up" post).

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