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Client software

Client software = The software you install on your PC to connect. Client Software suggestions:


Mac OS X


(short cut )

Another good resource for DC software is at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_connect_file-sharing_application

Server Software

If you would like to set up a hub for others to connect to (e.g. if one part of the WAN gets disconnected from another) you can use any of the following:



Available Servers

Hublist can be found at http://www.thewan.net/hublist.xml.bz2

Client Installation/Setup

Instructions for getting connected quickly



On Debian, you need at least Etch, to be able to download LinuxDCPP. The package name is linuxdcpp0.691.

Once installed, the following steps are needed to get the serverlist:

Image:Public_hub_menu.png Go into the Public hub menu.
Click the Edit button for the hublists.
Click the Add button and add the hublist http://www.thewan.net/hublist.xml.bz2.

Once you click "OK" and hit the "Refresh" button, the list of servers will become available. Happy downloading.


StrongDC (XP) or DC++(Vista)

To set up for use over the WAN do the following:
Click the Favourite hubs button (Yellow star on the main toolbar)
This opens the favourites window. Next click the NEW button. This opens a dialog box to save your favourite hubs. Fill in the details as follows:

  • Name: Whatever you like, e.g. Ballindereen client
  • Address: Enter ip address here from the Available Servers list above
  • Nick: Your Nickname (the name you will be seen as). e.g. Your name

Repeat the process for other hubs on the Available Servers list.

Finally, check the boxes beside the hubs you just set up. This will automatically connect to those hubs whenever you open revconnect.

Step by Step Setup



Download and install ShakesPeer from the link above.

Once installed, configure as follows:

  • Go ShakesPeer menu > Preferences
  • In Share tab, set your desired incomplete (ie temp) and download (ie complete) directories
  • In Identity tab, set your nickname and email
  • In Network tab, click Test Port button. If this fails either edit your firewalling or choose Passive mode
  • In Advanced tab, set the Hublist address to be as listed above


Connection problems with the Hub

If you get something like:

  • Connecting to (blah)...
  • Connected

<Hub> This hub is running version 0.7.14 of Open DC Hub.

  • Connection closed

then the problem is due to opendchub having problems with newer DC++ clients. Set your max upload speed in the preferences to something like 5 or 50 and things will work.

What if people can't download from me?


It is possible that your version of DC++ is not compatible with other clients on the network, check which version you have and see if a newer version is around, else ask around online.


In this case, do the following steps:

Incoming connection settings -> Active
Outgoing connection settings -> Direct Connection
Restart linuxdcpp

If that doesn't work, choose

Incoming connection settings -> Firewalled with manual port forward
Specify the External/WAN IP of the machine here (e.g. or whatever it is. Make sure it is the 10. ip and not a public ip, if the machine also has a direct internet route)
Make sure "don't allow hub/UPnP to override"
Restart linuxdcpp

Good practice

Please share only media/images/installs, no installed applications. They are of no use and only place undue overhead on the server and on file listing sizes.