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DNS Servers

  • Galway
    • 2001:770:119:0:210:e0ff:fe00:2b8e (IPv6)

Where to define your DNS server to use


Edit the file /etc/resolv.conf and add lines there starting with "nameserver" and then the ip of the nameserver, one nameserver pr. line.

Example /etc/resolv.conf file:

search thewan.net

**Windows 2k/XP**

Go to control panel, network connections and right click on the network connection you are using, for example "Local Area Connection". Choose "Properties" in the menu.


In the Window "This connection uses the following items:" choose "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" and hit the properties button.


Up to 2 namservers can be defined permanently in the "General" tab.


Enter the ip's there and press "OK". Click "OK" to the Local Area Connection Properties" dialog and you are done.

How to edit the DNS information

The DNS editor can be found at http://dns.galway.wan/dns . Please be careful when editing things though. Have a look around, see how things are done and ask, for example on IRC, if you are in doubt. Worst case, if things really go bad, we do have a daily backup, that we can roll back to, but it's not really necessary to challenge the odds, is it?

The DNS editor interface is currently still being developed, so things will change and improve all the time.

How to replicate domains to your own dns server


Pull the http://dns.galway.wan/dns/dns_fetch.sh script and edit it. All information needed is in there. It will create a file, that you can include in your named.conf configuration. The script should be run by cron 4-6 times a day.


Download the output of http://dns.galway.wan/dns/dns_gen.php?prefix=(PREFIX)&nstype=tinydns, replace (PREFIX) with the path where you have your tinydns/djbdns configuration. This is a script, that will generate the files needed for http://www.lickey.com/autoaxfr/ to generate the zone files for you.