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If you are experiencing slowness on you wan connection, you might want to try some of the following :

Tips for making you wan connection run faster

  • Turn off thumbnail generation on and network drives running over the wan

If you have a VPN connection or a share over a part of the wan and you are using Windows, it is extremley important to turn off thumbnail generation. From what I have observed, when thumbnail generation is turned on (this is the default behaviour in windows), the following happens: - Windows explorer attempts to generate thumbnails for all the files of extension types it knows. - It downloads each file entirely (which is fine over a local 100mb/s ethernet network but much slower over the wan). - It then scans the file to find the information it needs to make a little picture. - It then updates the hidden thumbnail information file. NOTE: if the thumbnails are already generated AND the files have not changed, it wont try to update them which does make things a bit faster. However, if you don't need thumbnails on a network folder turn it off if you'd prefer the speed.

If I'm wrong about any of the above just edit the document but in my experience it slows things down a lot!

  • Run Diagnostic tools to find out why things are slowing down.

See Diagnostics section for bandwidth related tools.

  • Wait and see.

If there is a lot of activity on the wan it may slow down for a while. It usually picks up after a bit though.