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DIY Approach

The fastest and most rewarding way of hooking up to the wan is to start getting things going yourself. Waiting around will probably get you there eventually but you're going to have to order up the equipment yourself anyway. Here is what you need to do to get on the wan by yourself.

Get the scan kit

The spare scan kit is currently available in Galway city. Please post to the forum if you want to borrow it to arrange a time to pick it up. Then follow the Scanning Instructions to find out what is available when you scan from your roof/balcony/hill etc.

If you know someone already on the wan, they may help you do the scan. A day/night of climbing rooftops is a bit of fun for some of us!

Buy the equipment

The recommended for new nodes is 2 antennas and cards (preferably 5Ghz whenever possible) and a suitable routerboard with RouterOS. The second card and antenna are redundant and will be used for 1 of 2 purposes:

This will mean someone else will be able to connect to your node in the future. This is also the primary means of expanding the wan.

  • Used on the remote site

This is the case if there is no free slot for you to hook into on a remote site. In some cases in the past, nodes were set up with a single antenna/card set. As a result there is likely to be not to be a free slot for connecting to. If you are connecting to a node with this setup your extra card and antenna should be useable on the other side.

Build the node

After that you need to put the equipment together and mount it on the roof.

Aside from that, if you want to get a bit more experimental, there is loads of documentation on what hardware works best together, what distances they cover and what kind of experiences people on theWan have had with different set ups. The best place to look if you just want to dive right in is the Hardware section on the wiki.