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Welcome to theWAN!!!
A wireless network across the west of Ireland, with possibility of broadband access.

Read the following to find out what the WAN is all about: A Word On The WAN.
This Wiki is used to make documentation available to everyone and to allow everyone to contribute their knowledge and findings to the WAN community.

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Current information about the wan
  • Actions - WAN TAC team in action :), history of installations and todo/issue list.
  • Meetings - Minutes of meetings, proposed actions and follow ups.
  • Map - Google Mapping site of the Wan nodes, including monitoring of the network
  • IPRanges
  • Network
  • Wan node resource monitoring (Cacti) - only accessible inside the Wan or via IPv6 - No account ?: user: guest, password: wan . To get an account, contact any one of the existing users. Mick, Chris or Marlow are some of them.
  • Wiki - About the wiki, templates, navigation etc.
email, file transfer, chat and other cool stuff available on theWAN
Knowledge Base
Knowledge, techniques, information about technologies built up by the community over time
Fun stuff
Pics, games, ideas, discussion etc.

The Wan is entirely hosted on the wan itself. Availablity on the Internet is made possible by TuxBox Internet Hosting

You are here !!
  • The blue 1U machine is a Cobalt Raq 2, MIPS cpu, 128 MB ram, 16 GB disk, hosting dns and network monitoring etc. running Debian Linux
  • The PC below is a Dell Dimension 8300, P4 3 GHz, 1 GB ram, 60 GB disk, hosting Asterisk VoIP Server and a few other things, also running Debian Linux.