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Jabber Instant Messaging

We've set up a Jabber server, which allows to use instant messaging, filetransfers etc. over the wan. This server is based on Wildfire and will also be fully integrated to our Asterisk VoIP server.

Registration of a new account can be done inside your Jabber Client. In Gaim for example, add a new account, choose Jabber and hit the "Register" button. Choose name, password, server is "jabber.thewan.net" and enter your email-address. Of you go.

To use the Jabber Instant Messaging Service, you might want to download a Jabber client, as for example Gaim. The server for The Wan Instant Messaging Service is "jabber.thewan.net".

Currently this server is only available from the wan internally, but will soon be available no matter if you are on your WAN connection at home or outside in the world.

Adding Users

When you are adding users in Gaim, you have to add the user as "user@thewan.net". Adding a user as "user" will not do the job.

You can find users in the jabber directory (users.thewan.net). In Gaim, go to the "Accounts" menu, select your jabber account, select "Search for users..."

Enter the directory server name, which is users.thewan.net and hit "Search Directory".

Voila, you can search for jabber contacts now, that are located on "thewan.net"'s jabber server.


If you use multiple PC's for your jabber account, there is no need of creating more than one account. Use the Ressource feature of Jabber instead. The Ressources are, so that you can have multiple sessions with the same account on the same server.

Encrypted messaging

If you want to use encrypted messaging, there are two applications, that might do the job.

  • Off-the-Record Messaging
    • Supported in Gaim and Adium X
    • Support authentification and encryption, keys are generated on the fly, messages are not digitally signed as such
  • Gaim-Encryption
    • Gaim plug-in for GnuPG
    • Allow authentification, encryption and the conversations are digitally signed

OTR is probably the most practical solution as it's supported more widely. There is also an AIM proxy for OTR, so that you can use any other AIM client (ICQ, iTalk etc.) with OTR messaging.

Gaim-Encryption is quite good, because it uses the same keys, that you would be using for email and other authentification purposes, which also means, that people can verify via key-servers and signatures, who you are. The downside of Gaim-Encryption is, that the plugin often lacks behind the version of Gaim and an older plugin doesn't work in a current Gaim.