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Current available Debian mirrors:

deb ftp://debian.galway.wan/linux/debian stable main contrib non-free

Add these lines to /etc/apt/sources.list

if debian.galway.wan doesn't work please check that your dns is set up correctly. You can test this by pinging debian.galway.wan. See DNS

if it still doesn't work but it is pinging ok, try using the following mirror instead:

deb stable main contrib non-free

Repositories available are sarge (oldstable), etch (stable), lenny (testing) and sid (unstable) in the following architectures: alpha, amd64, i386, mipsel, powerpc.


If you want to use Debian packages/mirrors on Ubuntu and don't want to go through the hassle of adding public keys etc. you can do this. Edit /etc/apt/apt.conf (or create it, if it doesn't exists) and add the following line:


That way you get the same behavior, as Debian has from default and can use the Wan Debian mirrors.

PXE Netinstall of Debian and Ubuntu

You will need to set your DHCP server up for PXE netboot.

PXE Netboot Servers available

valhalla.marlow.wan ( - Serving netboot for Debian Sarge and Etch, Ubuntu Edgy and Feisty Fawn + a full netboot of DSL 1.5.


commonly used on Linux and StarOS

Add the following section within your subnet declaration in /etc/dhcpd.conf:

   group {
     # PXE boot
     filename "pxelinux.0";
     host woodstock {
       hardware ethernet 00:26:54:13:1a:fa;

The host "woodstock" with the mac address "00:26:54:13:1a:fa" will then be able to boot from

Mikrotik RouterOS DHCP

The DHCP Server in Mikrotik RouterOS also has the options for PXE netboot, but need to set it up via the console or winbox terminal function. It's not available in the GUI.

/ip dhcp-server network

The output should be something like:


Now add the options for netboot:

set 0 next-server= boot-file-name=pxelinux.0

Confirm that the settings have been set:

print detail

The output looks like this now:

0 address= gateway= next-server= boot-file-name="pxelinux.0"

Happy PXE booting.