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This section is just for a bit of fun.



The idea is to document ideas of what could be done on the WAN and what would be required to make it happen. This is meant to be a starting point for discussion. An idea can be added, no matter how impractical which may be openly updated, modified, dismissed even! and at the end of it, who knows, maybe some good ideas will be developed here. By posting ideas that you intend to carry out anyway on this page, some of the pitholes you would have faced, if you tried to do it by yourself, may be spotted and fixed.

Some of the types of ideas have been started and are working (e.g. WanCom - Wan phone, and Direct Connect - Peer to peer server) on the wan.

Each idea should be have the same few headings as follows:

  • Overview
    • Brief description of idea
    • What this means for the average WAN user
  • Requirements
    • Hardware requirements
    • Bandwidth requirements
    • Software requirements

What could the Wan be ?

Existing Examples

Media Acquisition

Media Sharing has been implemented using Direct Connect. Documentation can be found under Media Acquisition


WanCom is the wan internal telecom. This project is fully working and frequently used.

Ideas / Work in progress

WAN Radio

Wan Radio exists in the form of Pod Casts currently, but the idea is to create a portal, that allows people to book timeslots and facilitate them with the broadcasting infrastructure to stream their radio program to the users.

The user side of this is fairly simple: a headset, xmms or winamp and a webbrowser.

Songs can be played from the central repository that would be located on the wan radio server, but the broadcaster can also stream songs directly from his machine.

Work on that portal is in progress.

WAN Diagnostic toolkit

A set of tools (scripts, batch files, maybe even a gui) for different platforms to aid step by step diagnostics of the wan. Should be useful to new users and existing users a like.

Xbox Kai

Online gaming xbox style. The Kai server is a replacement/alternative to xbox live which can be hosted on a linux server at some point/various points on the wan. This means having a dedicated gaming machine connected to your televisions so you can game over the network.

This is an alternative to PC gaming but that's what the xbox was made for. You can play any network games that work on xbox live on xbox kai over the wan.

  • TODO

Install xbox kai on a dedicated wan server. Configure xbox kai. Test.