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There is a development server on the WAN, that provides a bit of a development "area" for people that interested, like for example development of the wifimap.

Available are:

  • web
  • mysql (incl. phpMyAdmin access)
  • cvs (incl. auto deployment to web)
  • daily backup of cvs and sql
  • local ssh access on waldorf

So if you need any of those for your own project, you can contact me and I'll supply you with an account to use this development platform.

If you're wondering who or what waldorf is: It's the Cobalt RAQ server, that is one of the public hosts for the Wan.

Current active projects:


Cacti Templates

The cacti templates repository contains a selection of templates specific to monitoring of wireless platforms like Mikrotik. All templates are minimum Cacti Version 0.8.6i.

Access via CVS:

/usr/bin/cvs -d co cacti

There is an overall host template xml/cacti_host_template_mikrotik_routeros.xml, that has uses the templates available here.
A snapshot of the repository has been uploaded to

Mikrotik RouterOS CPU

Source: Marlow


  • Import xml/cacti_data_template_mikrotik_cpu_load.xml
  • Import xml/cacti_graph_template_mikrotik_cpu_load.xml

Sample Graph

Image:Mikrotik cpu sample.png

Mikrotik RouterOS Memory

Source: Marlow


  • Import xml/cacti_data_template_mikrotik_memory_load.xml
  • Import xml/cacti_data_template_mikrotik_memory_total.xml
  • Import xml/cacti_graph_template_mikrotik_memory_load.xml

Sample Graph

Image:Mikrotik memory sample.png

Mikrotik RouterOS Queue Tree's

Source: arci, with fixes from Marlow


  • Copy snmp_queries/ipacmikro.xml to <cactidir>/resource/snmp_queries/ on the Cacti server.
  • Import xml/cacti_data_query_mikrotik_queue_tree.xml
  • Import xml/cacti_data_template_mikrotik_queue.xml
  • Import xml/cacti_graph_template_mikrotik_queue_tree_bytes.xml

Sample Graph

Image:Mikrotik queue sample.png

Mikrotik RouterOS Signal using SNMP

Source: Templates by mojiro from Athens Wireless Metropolitan Network, script and modifications for use via SNMP and multiple clients by Marlow

This template supports ap-bridge mode, client mode and multiple clients. Queries are done via SNMP, so no configuration needed on the router beyond SNMP.

When adding a link, the remote host has to be associated. Interfaces, that have no connection, will not be listed.


  • Copy script_server/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.xml to <cactidir>/resource/script_server/ on the Cacti server.
  • Copy scripts/mikrotik_wireless_interfaces.php to <cactidir>/site/scripts/ on the Cacti server.
  • Import xml/cacti_data_query_mikrotik_get_wireless_interfaces_mac_based.xml.
  • Import xml/cacti_data_template_mikrotik_wireless_signal_strength_mac_based.xml.
  • Import xml/cacti_graph_template_mikrotik_signal_strength_mac_based.xml.

Sample Graph

Image:Mikrotik signal sample.png


The project is developed on waldorf and the outcome of changes are automatically available at

Database is available at - user and password can be found in the source-code.

Access via CVS:

/usr/bin/cvs -d co wifimap

A release tarball can be fetched at
The changelog can be found at

WifiMap can be discussed in the forums at the WiFiMap Section

New releases are also announced on Freshmeat.